Evidence-Based Living
Evidence-Based Living 

Why we do what we do

Mission Statement

II empower the public with knowledge about evidence-based living with online courses at www.mccurdymd.thinkific.com.

In my medical practice, I aim to treat the whole person with cancer using all evidence-informed integrative medicine modalities, to foster close collaboration among integrative providers both within and outside of our system to provide the optimum treatment and wellness plan while empowering the patient, to assist in bringing these modalities to all people with cancer despite financial and other barriers, and to support research and teaching in integrative oncology with the Dell Medical School, the acupuncture schools,  The University of Texas College of Pharmacy, and other local institutions.

Why Integrative Oncology?

Conventional cancer treatments often cause significant and lingering side effects.  Integrative oncology helps empower patients to achieve wellness and help prevent recurrence during treatment and survivorship.

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